Dirty Pop Fantasy

Valve Records (September 2013)

Welcome to another universe in the Regurgitator saga. What started scaling the highrises of Hong Kong, backflipped through the streets of Melbourne then after some much rewarded van time ended up freefalling through those neon towers to slam back down to presence... and just like some Dirty Pop Fantasy we have album #8 readymade for reality featuring Mountains, Sine Wave, Made to Break, Can't Stop and more than you can handle... Advocate as advertised...

  1. Brain Brain
  2. Sine Wave
  3. Made to Break
  4. Mountains
  5. So Tuff
  6. My Little Terrorist
  7. Dolphin Chakra Alignment
  8. Home Alone Stoned
  9. Answering Machine
  10. Hong Kong
  1. Dirty Pop Fantasy
  2. Fuck You Sweetness
  3. Bongzilla
  4. Can't Stop
  5. March of Thor
  6. We Love You!
  7. Fucking Up!
  8. ///////o\\\\\\\
  9. Fantasyland